What is Kit Lens?

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Many friends who want to buy DSLR cameras often see a term “Kit Lens” on the website. In fact, what is Kit Lens? What is special about Kit Lens? Is it worth buying?

What is Kit Lens?
First of all, we need to know that the lens of a single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) can be replaced. Therefore, most DSLR manufacturers will provide two types of packaging for customers to choose. Already equipped with an original lens set (Kit Set = Body + Lens). Kit Lens actually refers to this lens that was purchased together at random!

What is special about Kit Lens?
Kit Lens is actually just an ordinary original lens, usually this lens will be matched with the purchased brand (such as beginner level will have a beginner level lens), but some Kit Lens only work with Kit Set, which will no longer sell separately.

Should I choose the kit set with the lens?
In order not to increase the price significantly (some lenses are several times more expensive than the camera body!), the quality and materials of Kit Lens are usually relatively mediocre, which is certainly sufficient for novice photographers. But I personally think that the lens is important. The quality of the image has a lot to do with it, so I would rather give up buying Kit Lens and buy some better and practical lenses. Of course, the price will be slightly more expensive, but the quality is believed to be much better

My first kit lens
When I bought the first DSLR, I also purchased the Kit Set, because I wanted to get familiar with it and expect to upgrade it later. I use the lens for just a month and I gave it up. I quickly bought another lens that suits me well. Therefore, I still recommend that you only buy the body when you buy, and use the money you save to buy a better lens!

Written by Collin Smith @ remotes.works Holborn London

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