Exposure Compensation

August 28, 2020

4 Common Mistakes Made By Novice Photographers

Just like many photographers, I have been studying photography for more than 10 years. Looking back on the past, I found that there are many mistakes that may occur when learning photography. Here are 4 common mistakes that novices make. Have you tried it? No Exposure Compensation (+/- EV)Nowadays, digital cameras are more and more advanced,...

Blog00021-6 Expose Compensation August 21, 2020

Using Exposure Compensation (+/-EV)

What is exposure compensationThe built-in light meter of modern cameras is already very accurate, but sometimes the light meter will be affected by the surface of the object and make wrong judgments. The most common situations are: Shooting a large area of white objects (such as wedding dresses)-the camera's light meter will think that the object...