November 2021

Clever Use of Lens Distortion November 23, 2021

Clever Use of Lens Distortion

Clever Use of Lens Distortion Lens distortion is actually caused by optical effect of lens. Barrel distortion is common at the wide-angle lens and pincushion distortion occurs at telephoto lens. What is the specific situation? How to avoid these distortions during shooting? Are there any shooting techniques for these distortions? Let’s discuss briefly Barrel Distortion and...

November 20, 2021

Make good use of the AE-L for precise metering

For many novice photographers, the term automatic exposure lock (AE-L) is relatively unfamiliar. Some people may have bought a camera and haven’t used it for half a year. In fact, this AE-L button is very easy to use. It can make the camera to maintains an ideal exposure value, allowing you to change the composition at...