I Fell In Love With Smartphone Photography

   M000 Oil Lamp in the Sunset

Still remember when I was a secondary student, I really enjoyed camping. One of my most important camping tools is an oil lamp. If the oil lamp was not used, I would leave it alone on the platform by the window. On a midsummer day, the flaming red sun, along with the suffocating heat was going to fall on the horizon. Even a powerful sun must also obey the laws of nature and leave obediently into the sea. Before she said goodbye to me she exerted her last charm by wearing an orange and yellow costume, shining to me with her glamorous dress. My camping lamp reflected the charming colors in the glass bulb with a stunning effect. I borrowed a camera from a wealthy classmate and plan to use it for camping next week. At this moving moment, I lifted the camera and took a shot. The result of the photo was amazing, and I fell in love with photography there afterward. 

I found that these were three coincidences, the gorgeous sunset, the extraordinary light phenomenon with the glass bulb of the oil lamp and the professional but expensive camera. The three factors, just by chance, captured the moving moment. Because of the photo, I have a strong desire to own a good camera. However, I had limited income working as a librarian in the church. It was almost impossible to buy a camera. After I graduated from secondary school I worked as a salesman for a life insurance company. Later on I was better off with a high income. I bought a Nikon FM2 with the shutter speed at 1/4000 second. However, I still strongly believe capturing a stunning moment at the right place, at the right time is always the essence of photography. No matter how expensive and top-notch equipment you have, you may not necessarily capture the brilliance of the moment. Every weekend I took the Nikon to travel to the suburbs and enjoy my hobby of amateur photography.

Later on one of my friends who was the top management of an audio-visual company invited me to join their team to promote famous Bell & Howell projectors, Fuji film, Tokina filter and Tamron lens. I understood that I needed to start a new job with a pretty low basic salary. Also, I was required to establish a new customer base with new products. I accepted the offer without regret because photography and music are always my interests. With hard work, my income had increased so much I could afford to further study in the Queen Mary College of the University of London. I studied computer science with statistics. My final year project was Artificial Intelligence which I devoted most of my time to finishing the project. My enthusiasm for photography diminished. After I graduated I resumed my work in an electronic manufacturing company. The job occupied most of my time. On each weekend I was totally exhausted and I prefer to stay at home to rest. Occasionally, I had the impulse to travel with my camera but each time whenever I thought about bringing my full gear of photography equipment I decline my idea. It seemed to me that I had joined the army and bought all the weapons ready for the battlefield.   

Two years ago, my friend sent me a wonderful photo with a dog laughing and a cat was angry. My friend told me it was taken by a smartphone.The photo has no intentional setting of the scene in the picture, and no post-editing. Although the background is simple, you will be able to understand it at first glance. Since then I have had a great interest in smartphone shooting. I have collected a lot of information of smartphone shooting skills, including books, websites, professional smartphone photos, videos, everything, and found that smartphone photography technology is comparable to professional SLR cameras, in many cases smartphones are even better than SLR cameras, such as shooting flowers, insects, plants, landscape on mountain, underwater photography and portrait. Believe me your smartphone can take professional photos more than you can imagine.  Many skills and techniques you may not know in your smartphone. Let me share my knowledge and experience with you.

Written by Matthew Chan @remotes.works St Albans U.K.

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