White balance

August 27, 2020

Shooting Techniques Using Manual Mode

During the internship activities of the photography training class, many students were not sure how to use the "M-Mode manual mode" to shoot in the shooting of flowing water or night scenes. This is also a technique that is difficult for beginners to learn photography. Let’s go together now. Take a look at the simple steps...

August 19, 2020

White Balance Application Skills

Before the advent of digital photography, photographers could use different film negatives or color filters to make images show different colors. Now the photographer only needs to set the different white balance modes of the digital camera to get different tones of the image. Digital camera white balanceMore than a hundred years ago, photographers had no...

Blog00018 White Balance August 18, 2020

Talking About White Balance

I wonder if you have ever tried to take photos that are yellow or the colors are always different from the actual ones? In fact, this may be caused by the wrong setting of "White balance". What is white balance?Photography is to record light, and light is composed of many "colors". In addition to the fact...