Reducing Shutter Speed August 3, 2020

What is M Av Tv P A Shooting Mode?

Canon M Av Tv P Mode In some higher-end DCs and all DSLRs, you can also see the options of M Av Tv P and AUTO. So what exactly do these English words represent? M (Manual Mode)-Full manual mode: both aperture and shutter speed can be set by the user. If you need to fully control...

August 2, 2020

Learn About Aperture ISO and Shutter Speed in 1 Minute

Many friends who are new to photography may have heard the three terms "aperture, shutter and ISO sensitivity", but it is also difficult to clearly understand their meaning and interaction. For example, your aperture setting is wrong (for example, using a large aperture). (Or small aperture), even if the shutter and ISO sensitivity are at the...

July 7, 2020

Start to Learn Photography and Sell Your Photos

For novice photographers, there is really a lot of information to learn photography, so what must be known? Our editor has specially compiled these 101 introductory photography teaching articles that novices must understand, so that every beginner has a guide. After the basic knowledge is familiar, they can learn advanced photography skills and discover more shooting...