What Is a Fisheye Lens?

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Fisheye lens is a special kind of ultra-wide-angle lens. Generally, the angle of view is close to or equal to 180°. Nikon has even introduced fisheyes that exceed 180° and reach 220°. Since the captured images are very similar to the images seen by fish, I will call them fisheye lenses. Most fisheye lenses generally have a short focal length, and most of them are fixed-focus lenses, and only a few are zoom lenses.

Fisheye lenses are roughly divided into two types, one is called Circular Fisheye (round fisheye), and the other is called Full Frame Fisheye (full frame fisheye, also called square fisheye). The round fisheye is a fisheye lens, and the image circle of the shooting image is round, from any point on the sideline to the opposite side is 180 degrees.

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On the contrary, full-frame fisheyes are more common. The captured image is square, and the diagonal angle is 180 degrees

In addition, there are also zoomable fisheye lenses on the market with a viewing angle of about 100 to 180 degrees. But in fact, only the widest angle end is a 180-degree fisheye effect
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The fisheye lens has a large shooting range, which can greatly exaggerate the perspective of the scene. Some people said that they would regard it as a wide-angle lens with very poor distortion control, but this feature can sometimes make the picture look interesting.

Fisheye Zoom VS Wide Angle Lens

Fisheye lens is mainly used to create some fun images and seldom use for property illustration

Fisheye Zoom Lens Effect

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